Case Study: 2479$ on Dating Smartlink from TikTok

Тик Ток кейс профит 2179$

Start the year with big money! To your attention a fresh Case Study with a profit of $2479 on Dating Smartlink iMonetizeit and popular traffic source TikTok. The profitable scheme is already below, write your comments 😉

Network: iMonetizeIt
Offer: Smartlink
Date: November/December 2020
Geo: US, UK, DE, NL, CA and others
Traffic source: TikTok
Costs: $7
Income: $2489
Profit: $2479

For this TikTok campaign I’ve set different Geo Tier 1, you can find how to do it on forums or chats. In most cases active VPN will be enough. I’ve registered an account (born in 2000) to a temporary email from temp-mail. For account I used 10 videos which I’ve downloaded from the pornwebsite. You need short videos with “storyline” where in 6-7 seconds everyone understands what happens next. Avoid nudity as TikTok bans it. I used popular music for my videos and added the phrase “link in bio” to encourage people to visit the landing page. This way already warmed up guys will follow the wonderful link in the description.

A small tip, before uploading videos, let your account 1 week rest and use your live device for registration. Also, after installing popular music on the video and uploading all five videos, make the link clickable in the profile. Otherwise all millions of views will go down the drain, as it was in my case earlier. To make links clickable you need to have a business account. This option is available in settings – Switch to Pro-account – Business – any of the categories will allow you to set a link to your site. At the beginning I used URL shorteners, but people trust domains. So, I used, it’s very easy to make a redirect there, which sets immediately.

Here is an example of account:

As I said, don’t make my mistakes – the link must be clickable and keep all comments opened, as they give even greater push in the recommendation.

You can’t increase the number of likes or views, you only need live traffic from recommendations. I recommend making 20-30 accounts per day, it takes about 2-3 hours. If you notice that the views are getting to drop – try to reset to factory settings and continue working. As for devices, iPhones were quite good, but Androids have an advantage in cloning apps. So, TikTok can be cloned using the Parallel Space program and TT algorithm will think that this is a new device.

Note that just a couple accounts will work so well, about 1 to 50

As for the costs $7 were spent for the proxies (VPN) of different countries that I tested. Germany and Canada showed the best result of all ($1400 for about a week of working – Result of my student).

During the work with Tiktok, I realized the most important thing – it doesn’t need to be automated. Only manual work and only physical devices.


 As a result of my work, I have got 1364 conversions and profit $2489. EPC was $ 0.11 per click, but it paid off in full.

Hello to the best affiliate manager Olga iMonetizeIt!
She answers even on weekends without ignoring;)

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