How to get the most out of the managers of the CPA network?

Managers of the CPA network

Affiliate managers are the guardian angels of conversions, the performers of wishes, and key figures in the world of affiliate marketing. Today we will introduce you to the main character of any affiliate program and teach you how to make a competent request for offers suitable for your traffic.

Who is the affiliate manager of the CPA affiliate program?

It’s worth noting that a CPA Manager is a specialist who attracts partners and maintains their accounts. He defines a huge number of factors and conditions.

  • How many partners will work with the offer?
  • Performs traffic analysis for fraud and efficiency.
  • It provides information about the profits or prospects of the offer for the partner’s topic, and so on.

Why do we need to keep in touch with the manager?

First of all, the manager is interested in choosing the converting offer (i.e., tracks which offers work well in his network). Therefore, you need to understand that communication with the manager will help you achieve maximum volumes and productive work with the network.

To save time and get the maximum feedback from the manager, it is best to use the step-by-step checklist and correct all your questions at once:

Make an offer request in one message

  1. The traffic source that you plan to work with (social link, advertising, etc.);
  2. Traffic type: desktop/mobile;
  3. GEO selection (your preferences or top tier by offer)
  4. Target action and remuneration
  5. Budget (for determining advertisers with optimal conditions for hold and payouts)
  6. A selection of top landing pages and landing pages

*Be prepared for the fact that the managers of some partner companies may refuse to cooperate if you are new and just starting your way in affiliate marketing. And to confirm the status of the affiliate, you will need to provide screenshots of statistics and payments from other platforms.

Tips from our affiliate managers

To get to the top of the funnel and start pouring with profits, you need the following:

  1. Don’t be afraid to test new offers and don’t chase high payouts on old offers. Basically, all new products have a better CR, and the advertiser is ready to review the payment within a couple of days after the normal launch.
  2. Run a normal test volume for several offers at the same time in the same amount of traffic, the volume must be significant so that the tests are objective, and not 10 clicks per offer.
  3. Target traffic and select offers that are most suitable for the target audience. Take into account the age of users, their preferences, and other features in the area where you plan to work.
  4. Use creatives and preliminary landing pages in the same style with the chosen landing pages.
  5. Test not only offers but the array of creatives and preliminary landing pages.
  6. Be sure to ask your Manager any questions related to the offer you are interested in (whether there is a hold, when the payment can be revised,t top-sources, creatives and so on).

Conclusion: Close interaction with the affiliate manager is crucial. The “I pour a lot, so where is my money?” is just inefficient. The closer the collaboration and the higher is the feedback from the manager, the greater is the effect of the advertising campaign.

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