Terms of Use

By using the information resource located at cpabout.com (hereinafter referred to as the Website), the user accepts and undertakes to comply with all the provisions of the current Agreement outlined below. The website administration reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement, which take effect from the moment of publication. In case if the user doesn’t agree with the new version of the Agreement, they shall refrain from using any type of materials on the website.

By using cpabout.com after the implementation of such changes, you provide your full consent with the latest version of the Agreement.

The current version of the Agreement is always available at https://cpabout.com/privacy-policy

1.   The subject of the User agreement

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is a legally binding agreement between the website and the user and regulates the usage of the services of the website.

1.2. The full version of the Agreement is shown to the user during the process of registration. The agreement comes into force from the moment the user agrees to its terms. This agreement governs all the actions of the user on the website.

2.   Limited liability of the Administration.

2.1. The Administration makes every effort to exclude offensive, untrue, or deliberately incomplete information from the website. All the responsibility for such content shall be taken by the author of such content.

2.2. The Administration is not responsible for the fact that registered users are really the people they pretend to be and is not responsible for any possible damage caused by them to third parties.

2.3. The Administration never verifies the accuracy of personal information provided by users and doesn’t check their legal capacity. At the same time, the Administration assumes that the information transmitted to them from users is reliable.

2.4. Under no circumstances, the Administration is liable to the user or any third parties for any direct or indirect, unintentional damage, which includes: lost data, lost profits, damage to reputation, damage to honor caused by the use of the website, or its content.

2.5. The Administrator is not responsible to the User or any third parties for the following:

– Actions of the user on the website

– for the accuracy of advertising information used/received by the user on the website, and the quality of the goods/works/services advertised

– for the consequences of using the information used/received by the user on the website

2.6. If third parties file claims or complaints against the Administrator, the user undertakes to settle these claims with third parties on their own and at their own expense, protecting the Administrator from possible losses and proceedings.

3.   Rights of the administration:

3.1. At any time, to change the design of the website, its content, the list of services, change or supplement the scripts used, as well as amend the list of software and other objects used or stored on the website

3.2. If necessary, to send e-mail messages to users regarding the usage of the website

3.3. To moderate or delete any content that violates the terms of this Agreement; as well as to suspend, restrict or terminate the access of the user to all or any of the sections or services of the website with or without prior notice.

4.   User rights:

4.1. To post content that does not contradict to this Agreement

4.2. To contact the Administration to resolve disputes

4.3. To use all the content, both editorial and user-generated, free of charge for personal purposes that are not related to the purposes of obtaining commercial benefits.

5.   The user undertakes to:

5.1. To ensure the safety of their username and password (credentials)

5.2. To regularly review the content of this Agreement in order to get acquainted with its changes in a timely manner.

5.3. To bear full responsibility for any actions performed by the user using their account, as well as for any consequences that may have resulted from such usage.

5.4. By using data and information from the website, the user is aware of and accepts the risks associated with its possible inaccuracy. The user is also aware that some information may appear offensive, threatening, deliberately false, rude, or obscene. If such information is discovered, the user must immediately inform the Administration.

6.   The current Agreement prohibits the following actions on the website:

6.1. To place any advertising, except for cases agreed with the Administration.

6.2. To place commercial offers, campaign materials, or distribute spam, as well as information that violates the rights of the users or third parties in the field of intellectual property.

6.4. To perform actions aimed at insulting, harassing, harassing, stalking or other malicious acts that cause concern to any individual or legal entity or user of the site.

6.5. Double registration (two or more accounts). In case of detection of such a fact, the Administration reserves the right to block the account without warning, as well as take measures to block the main nickname of the user.

6.6. To perform actions aimed at publishing, uploading, or otherwise transmitting information of an illegal, pornographic, vulgar, confidential, fraudulent, or propagandistic nature (religious, racial, or ethnic hatred or hostility).

7.   Rights to the content posted on the website

7.1. All materials used and published on the website, as well as the website itself, are the intellectual property of their legal owners and are protected by relevant international legal conventions. All information that belongs to the site Administration may be published or reproduced in any mass media (magazines, TV channels, websites, newspapers, web portals) with the condition of specifying the source of the information and a direct link to the source. Before publishing the materials used on the website, one shall obtain approval from the administration of the website or the owner of the content.

7.2. When reproducing materials, it is forbidden to rework the original text. Reducing or changing parts of the material is allowed, to the extent that it does not lead to distortion of the meaning.

8.   Cookies Policy

8.1. The current website uses Cookies for proper operation. Cookies make the entire process easier by providing the user with personalized information.

Cookies help to improve the website. They provide information about the time you visit our site, how you interact with your personal account, search engine, and other content. Cookies can be used to collect aggregate information that is not related to the identification of a specific user (for example, information about the operating system, browser version, and the website from which the user came to our website and so on).

Important information! Cookies do not provide us with access to your computer.

8.2. Cookies can only exist for the duration of a session (session Cookies), or for a few days, months, or years (persistent Cookies). They may be sent by a website (direct Cookies) or on behalf of another person (third-party Cookies).

The following sections explain the different categories of Cookies.

  • Session Cookies are deleted from the user’s browser when the user disconnects or leaves the website or closes their browser.
  • Persistent Cookies are not deleted. They remain associated with the browser, so the browser can use them for multiple visits to the website.

In accordance with this Agreement, when using the website, you provide consent to the usage of Cookies.

Attention! Disabling Cookies may significantly affect the functionality and stability of our site. If you are sure that you want to change your settings, please refer to your browser’s instructions.