The most popular verticals during the COVID-19 pandemic

Popular verticals during the COVID-19

We all know that 2020 was a turning point for many areas: health systems, the global economy, and our personal stability. The sphere of affiliate marketing also suffered great tests because many offers were stopped, while rates started to decrease.

This has especially affected product marketing (with the exception of some offers), due to a sharp change in the audience’s priorities. However, as it turned out, there are verticals that have only benefited during the pandemic.

We will talk about dating and webcam verticals, which have become the most popular and easily monetized due to the self-isolation of half the Planet.

If you have never sent traffic to the dating vertical before, we advise you to choose an affiliate program with a large selection of offers from a direct advertiser. They will provide you with the highest rates. For example, ProfitSocial has more than 1500 offers in the split. In addition, such an approach is an ideal solution when working with multiple locations and audience types at the same time, so you can monetize each of your leads. Those who first start run traffic to the dating sector, are most often advised to use a casual SmartLink to start.

Recent events have also activated certain locations that are great for conversion in the field of dating at the moment, such as Italy, Germany, Spain, and France. By the way, you can use the Telegram channel to read targeting tips for top locations that you can use for your advertising campaigns.

Along with the dating, webcams have also increased. Millions of people locked in their homes have become active users of webcam platforms (which were quite popular before).

The principles of working in the field of dating and webcams are very similar. As elsewhere, the main thing is to find the right funnel for your type of traffic. Webmasters can use their own platforms, social networks, Google, popular blogs, or review websites as traffic sources, while some of them run traffic directly from the dating sites.

Most of the targeted traffic comes from English-speaking countries such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as from Western Europe, Central Europe, and the Scandinavian countries. It’s also effective to divide by regions, for which individual funnels will be selected for web and mobile traffic. In general, segmentation of traffic for a larger number of parameters will give better results.

If you are going to start work with traffic for the dating or webcam vertical, we recommend to choose the PPL model; by doing so, you can monetize your traffic faster and easier, conduct tests, and compare campaigns. If you have more experience and are confident in your traffic, it is better to choose PPS payment or RevShare models; it will bring you more benefits in the long run. A lot depends on the traffic source, its quality, the specifics of the funnel, and the tools you use.

With ProfitSocial, you can safely contact your personal manager, who will advise you and select the best options.

Bonuses from the affiliate program

In addition, during the quarantine period, ProfitSocial reduced the minimum payout to $250. This is more convenient for reinvesting in the purchase of traffic and testing it.

If you are confident in your traffic and run large volumes, ProfitSocial can interest you with its bonus of up to $1500, for all new partners. Run quality traffic, earn from $3000 a month, and take cashback! The more traffic you pour, the more cashback you get:

1st month — 5%
2nd month — 8%
3rd month — 10%

If you are still thinking about working with the dating and webcam verticals, then now is the best time to test it during the quarantine, which affected the entire population of the world. This brings additional popularity to the already top areas of online services. We advise you not to miss the opportunity to conquer the most profitable verticals on the wave of interest!

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