Trends of Affiliate Marketing 2020

Trends of Affiliate Marketing 2020

Affiliate marketing has long established itself as an industry with huge potential and dynamic development. To stay on the wave and earn as much as possible by using all changes and innovations, we have specially selected the latest trends in the field in 2020.

Use chatbots to save your precious time

The main task is to answer the questions of the user and save the budget of the partner program. These days, we use chatbots, for example in Telegram, as an effective service tool that helps to deal with the customers.

In the nearest future, chatbots will reach a new level by using neural networks and AI, which will allow you to automate and significantly improve all advertising indicators, and the entire process of interaction with users:

●       chatting and solving complex cases
●       creating content
●       implementing real sales

Mobile version

There’s no surprise that mobile websites became the key trend in 2020 because most of the online traffic comes from smartphones. Thus, don’t forget to optimize pages for all devices and each OS.

Opinion leaders (influence-marketing)

In the field of affiliate marketing, this type of advertising is used to contact the target audience through bloggers, or so-called influencers. Instagram, Youtube, and Tik Tok are the main platforms for traffic monetization. A blogger influences the audience by advertising products, promotions, and services, thus encouraging them to take action or buy through a personal recommendation.

The success of the entire advertising campaign directly depends on the choice of an influencer, but fortunately, there are all sorts of services with blogger databases and their level of effectiveness.

Fraud and ways to deal with it

The problem of fraud is encountered by almost every partner program and bears losses from it. According to statistics, about 17% of online traffic is fake. To protect yourself, you need to make sure that the traffic source and tracker are equipped with a fraud prevention tool.  

Today, fraud is common in mobile traffic, and more specifically in installation packages. Besides, it’s implemented by using motivated traffic, bots, and other methods.

Video content

In 2020, video content will cover more than 80% of online traffic, and if this content includes your banner, link, or any other advertising, just imagine how much you can earn. As a fact, one average user spends about 85 minutes a day watching short videos on Tik Tok and Instagram. These videos may contain interactive questions/quizzes, videos in 360 format, AR/VR, and many other things.

Dealing with fakes and bots in social networks

Social network algorithms have made a big step forward in identifying sites with fake accounts, and the fight against them will reach its biggest scale this year. The number of bans will be three times higher, so don’t try to purchase a lot of new accounts for your business.


Affiliate marketing will take into account almost every new technology that is used for communication. To be on the top of the wave, you just need to give convenient access to your product from smartphones, use video content or various types, and finally warm up the audience with the activity of an influencer or a blogger.  

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