YouTube Select: a new content platform

YouTube Select - new platform

This is a new service that helps advertisers to reach the necessary segments of their target audience with a wide range of advanced settings for additional security. Kindly note that it also combines all the advantages of YouTube premium products, and was founded on the grounds of the Google Preferred program.

YouTube Select offers more content, features, and reliability, as well as an easy way to find your audience. The most important thing is that YouTube Select helps you achieve real business results.

In the past year, most advertisers have already increased the recognition of their products among users by a total of 13%, and the level of purchases by 9%. In order to find suitable content, the users of the platform can use so-called lineups and collections based on the global and local goals of the advertiser. Recently, Google has already introduced a new product called lineups in the USA. The key idea is to expand the audience of brands among viewers in certain segments.

In addition, you can use the platform to attract new users from different topics and increase your coverage by using YouTube apps and projects: Kids, Sports, and so on.

Talking about security, it’s worth noting that the main advantage of the YouTube Select App is the ads, which will be only placed in videos that have passed additional verification.

Due to the fact that users are increasingly choosing the YouTube platform to watch videos on the TV screen, one can find even more useful tools in the collections.

According to statistics, about 100 million people in the United States watch their favorite selections on their TV screens. Thanks to this demand, they have created a platform for TV screens. In other words, the selection advertises the brand on the device that users watch videos from.

Here’s a bonus: TikTok is ahead of YouTube and Netflix in revenue from in-app purchases

At the end of April, Tik Tok earned more than $78 million on in-app purchases, thus overcoming such popular platforms as Youtube and Netflix (according to Sensor Tower Analytics).

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