AE | Etisalat|DU | PIN | Battery saver | Mainstream

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AE | Etisalat|DU | PIN | Battery saver | Mainstream
United Arab Emirates

Country: United Arab Emirated
Carrier: Etisalat, DU 
Flow: PIN
Cap: 100 conversions/day

No misleading banners or Deceptive Titles.
No IQ Test, Love Meter, Spin Wheel, or any misleading techniques to redirect the user to the landing page
No incent traffic, virtual currency or content locking traffic.
Prelander that cannot be closed or popups again after closed is prohibited.
SMS traffic, WhatsApp traffic, Email traffic, VIRAL traffic, e.g. “share with 10 contacts.” or “tag 10 friends.” are not allowed.
DO NOT allow Adult traffic.
Do not allow immediate opt out user traffic (user terminate service twice times per day)
Strictly no Auto Sub, Fraud, misleading case and iFrame.
Do not use carriers logo on creative or saying carrier is promoting the offer.
Do not have anything related Sexy, Islamic, Gamble and Illegal Activities.
You must use the provided banners or seek approval from us if you want to use your own.
No instant virus & instant winner
No adult hardcore creative.
All banners, Text, pre-lander must be approved in advance.